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Happy Monday!

For my first blog post I thought it would be fitting to do some show and tell of our little world that revolves around our munchkins. Since moving here to Arizona, we’ve driven by so many horse stables. Growing up in Kentucky, my husband Alex has many fond memories of spending time with his neighbors’ horses, feeding them apples and carrots. We thought it would be worth a try to call around some of the local horse stables and see if they wouldn’t mind us coming by and letting the girls meet some horses up close. Mark at Heart of Tucson was so accommodating and welcomed us right over this past weekend.

Of course I knew right away we were in good hands because this guy greeted us…

To say that Alex and I are a couple of Blue Heeler freaks is an understatement, so we were all over this handsome guy, Geevers. Our boy Craig was our first baby and always has a colorful opinion about anything and everything. We’ve been trying to get him to watch his potty mouth around the girls, but he’s a stubborn dude.

Here he is proudly posing after his first “furmination” (if you have a dog, seriously check out the Furminator- it’s like no other!)…

No worries, you’ll see plenty of Craig on the blog. He’s been looking for a new outlet since he got kicked off of facebook back in 2009 (true story, we made him an account so we could share his musings, and it was mysteriously deleted…who knows?)

Anyway! Back to our visit with the horses! And the goats. They were a  funny little trio that took a liking to Shelby.


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Donna McEndree - Good job Miss Cailey, the pics are grat and the girls look wonderful.

Cailey - Thanks Aunt Donna! I love you!

Jennifer Wells - Lovely pictures Cailey! How do you use natural light to make them so wonderful.

cailey - Thanks Jennifer! Just lots of practicing and how to set exposure. :)

Amber - So cute! Love these! :)

Heidi - lovely images!

Analiese - Lovely work!

Tiffany Hendrickson - Looks like a fun day! Great work!

Angela L. - I LOVE CATTLE DOGS!!! your Blue Heeler is adorable to boot. We have a mix, half Australian Cattle dog, half Australian Kepie (sheep dog). Just great dogs aren’t they? Super smart, I could go on…love your post!

Rena Christine - Nice work! I like the ones of Shelby and the goats, hehe… what a cutie!

Christine - The photos of your daughter with the animals are precious. And I am blown away by all that fur!

Kelly - Looks like the girls are adjusting well to their new surroundings! I love your blog and new website, it looks great.

mary - awesome images!

robin - What a fun adventure! These are great captures too!

Samantha Sinchek Photography - What a fun day at the farm! You daughter is beautiful!

Audrey - Beautiful shots!

Brandy - Looks like such a fun day!! Love how the goats are hovering in the background, lol! Great first blog post :)

Kelly Wilson - Looks like a lovely place to call home :)

Elizabeth - Love! What gorgeous animals and you captured them so well.

Vickie - Iknow we haven’t met but it gives me such joy to see your stories n photos.

Kofo B - Great job! Beautiful photos.